let’s go!

Our name is a tribute to the leap of faith we took starting a VR game studio.

*It is also a nod to the japanese games we grew up with. Had our childhood been different, we’d have gone with Andiamo or On y va !


Ikimasho’s founders met online a little over 10 years ago, when Olivier commented on Yann’s then-published Gamasutra article.

Leaving movie business aside, Olivier started producing more and more 360° films and immersive theater pieces, while Yann was enjoying success as game lead for gumi’s Brave Frontier.

The pair saw VR gaming as a fantastic opportunity to experiment top tier tech, awe players with unique designs and build a sustainable business. This was 2017…

Armed with a working prototype of what eventually turned into Star Shaman, they managed to get a team together, ship their first game to very good reviews and grow from there.

They are currently busy with their second and third game.

Olivier and Yann,
hard at work on a brainstorming day

Located 100 meters away from the Louvre and right around the corner from Paris’s little Tokyo and Seoul, Ikimasho is formed by craftsmen who flourish in our culture and bolster it each in their own way, to ultimately make our collective mark in VR.