At the very top of our studio lay the game-teams. Within Ikimasho’s broad editorial strategy, they have full ownership of their respective games. This means no-one can tell them what games to make, or how to make them. But they can always count on the flexible and unwavering support of the studio’s lower layers.

In a game-team, ownership is as clearly defined and attributed as it is within the rest of the studio, with the same benefits to information flow and decision making.

We believe small, autonomous teams in which ideas flow freely and decision making is effective make better games faster and create more value for our players than production behemoths slowed down by their very structure. And we are convinced that talent density will allow us to sustain and strengthen our culture better than if our staff grows too quickly.

We realize this environment is not for everyone, so if this sounds like you…

  • You thrive in environments that provide you with a lot of autonomy and every opportunity to display your competence,
  • You are a generalist who is outstanding at a lot of valuable things and an expert in your particular domain,
  • You want to work with people who are relentlessly pushing themselves and others forward,
  • You debate with passion and vigor, but when it’s time to make a decision, you respect ownership attribution and accept the decision that has been made,
  • You welcome candid feedback from anyone on the team and you are equally keen on giving it,

… please do have a look at the openings below.

Please note that as of June 2020, we are only hiring seniors. 

Our recruitment process


Initial Screen



Final interview

Once you’ve joined, you’ll enjoy as much trust and autonomy as anyone on the team, whoever they are and however long they’ve been with us. In order to make sure you are a good fit, we have quite a few steps in our process (that can all happen in quick succession). Here’s an overview :

  • We’ll review your resume, cover letter, portfolio, recommendations, and any other relevant material you have sent us.
  • You’ll be invited to do a technical test. (Please note we will never use any of your work produced during this test in the final product if you’re not hired.)
  • You’ll meet the people you’ll be working with directly to discuss the job, and as importantly, how we work together. You’ll meet a lot of other people on the team. Some will be from your area of expertise, others won’t. We’ll debrief all together internally.
  • You’ll be invited to a final interview to wave any flags we might have raised.

We look forward to hearing from you, soon.

Note to Recruiters and Placement Agencies: We do not accept unsolicited agency resumes. Please do not forward unsolicited agency resumes to our website or to any of our employees. We will not pay fees to any third party agency, outside recruiter or firm without a mutually agreed-upon contract and will not be responsible for any agency fees associated with unsolicited resumes. Unsolicited resumes received will be considered our property and will be processed accordingly.

Job offers

Category: General Application

Ikimasho’s strength is its people, and passing on strong candidates is the biggest mistake we could make. If you do not see your role posted in our job openings, but you find what we’re trying to do meaningful and you think you are the kind of person we are looking for, send us your material at jobs[a]
Tell us you how would like to work with us, we will take a look, answer you and hope it’ll lead to something great! There is lots to do, we promise it won’t be boring.

Some notes on life at Ikimasho

We separate work from life. Nothing at the studio is designed to blur that line with the disguised aim of making anyone stay longer than necessary. No arcade machines, no free food or drinks, no foosball. And face time doesn’t count. We encourage everyone to leave the office when they are done with their work.

We believe it is our responsibility as an employer to provide our teams with ideal working conditions, like our culture, personalized hardware, high-end furniture, offices in a lively Paris neighborhood… However, an employee’s personal comfort (i.e. headphones or a Spotify subscription) is their responsibility.

We’re ranking and mapping out every restaurant of Paris’ little Tokyo, which is just up the street. By the time you join, we might just be about half-way through. Alternatively, you can spend your lunch breaks at the Jardin des Tuileries or the Jardins du Palais Royal, or get yourself some culture at the Louvre or the Musée des Art Décoratifs. All are less than a 3 minutes walk away.