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We promise players to embody virtual characters hat are larger than life.

Star Shaman

Archetype: Dr. Strange

Defining element: Dr. Strange looks cooler creating spells than casting them.

In-game: Using the Shaman Sphere, players perform meticulously choreographed motions that convey the emotion of the spell (offensive, defensive, …). To this day, we believe the Shaman Sphere still delivers the most engaging spell creation gameplay feature in VR.

Learnings: We coined it the « Rayman problem ». Star Shaman’s world design and art direction, however qualitative, do not convey the archetype we chose.
Star Shaman is a core game that looks friendly: it hhas attracted players that were looking for a different product in the place of its intended target audience.

Game #2

More information coming very soon

At Ikimasho, we believe great games are the sum of innumerable small and very diligently executed strokes of genius that coalesce into a coherent whole.

Building VR worlds,
one game at a time

The ultimate vision of VR is to go on an epic action adventure with your friends in a vast, persistent open-world and spend as much time socializing as playing.

However, the VR market isn’t large enough to sustain that level of investment yet.

So we go at it step-by-step, one game at a time.

We deeply analyze the current market to green-light games that have a high chance at being profitable and finance the studio’s growth.

We build a core tech stack (called the Vault) that we mutualize across productions and expand with each new one.
The Vault empowers our content teams to iterate faster and more independently to create ever-larger, greater worlds, while firmly controlling costs and headcount. Soon, we will be able to license some of our tools to fellow developers (VR, or not).

We put polish above scope. Game makers are craftsmen and craftswomen, and players value craftsmanship. Our uncompromising strive for excellence is in the interest of everyone.