Located 100 meters away from the Louvre and right around the corner from Paris’s little Tokyo, Ikimasho is formed by craftsmen who flourish in our culture and bolster it each in their own way, to ultimately make our collective mark in VR.

Olivier Piasentin
Co-founder & President

In a former life, Olivier produced feature films, where he learned to deal with the cash, the flow and all the fun in between. He’ll gladly answer the most annoying questions but will feel more comfortable addressing them through an Excel sheet. He grew up fond of Cyan and Sega and has changed little since. Except for the Excel skills maybe.

Yann Suquet
Co-founder & CEO

Yann finds a lot of meaning in trying to make a mark in VR games and even more so in building a culture that allows the team to get there. On the way, he tries to apply some of Clausewitz’s wisdom and finds that the fellow was annoyingly smart.

Michel Sainisch

Michel is a seasoned producer, having honed his skills at SquareEnix, Quantic Dreams and Ubisoft among others. This or the fact that he’s German makes for an incredibly well-organized person.

Chérif Younis

Cherif is striving daily to give accessible, comprehensive tools to the game-teams and achieve the highest abstraction level for them, carefully driving his entire coding team out of a job once this glorious day finally comes. Until then, he will find a way to squeeze any tech he finds “stylée” into our games.

Caroline Bedon
Game Developer

In addition to being a game programmer, Caroline also explores new paths in UX with Barbara. She previously worked at Quantic Dream as a programmer on their UI systems on multiple platforms. As a fan of tuned cars, we suspect she only joined because of our logo.

Morgan Castejon
Gameplay Programmer

What you do and feel in VR owes a lot to Morgan. If you like the game feel, he’s the one that polished it until it felt how he wanted. And with his impressive game culture, he’s not settling for good enough – cause he needs to do better than what he experienced already.

Robin Roekens

Robin would like to remind everyone that he’s actually Belgian living in France, Ikimasho being the reason why he left his home country.

Amaury Guilley
Technical Artist

Amaury is a spectacular technical generalist. Animation, shaders, VFX, he can do it all. And even more importantly, he can optimize the **** out of them. But he lives in Toulouse. Nobody’s perfect.

Arnaud Vanderbeken
Concept Artist

Arnaud is responsible for every sketch that eventually turns into a 3d object in our games. Oh, and UI too. A soft-spoken person, he can be seen chuckling as he still decides what joke to write about himself on here.

Erwan Lebreton
Level Designer

Erwan bio should be here anytime soon.

Mélanie L’Huillier
Modeling Artist

Mélanie’s wondering whether she could get away with her bio by drawing something instead of writing about her.

Maude L’Hoir
Modeling Artist

Maude knows Blender inside out, so much she in fact teaches it to students in Belgium. Which makes us very proud and a great excuse to cross the border and refill the studio cupboards with chocolate.