"Tiger Blade may be the most action-packed way to start your VR gaming year"


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Tiger Blade brings all the stylish, adrenaline-soaked combat of the very best of Korean neo-noir action cinema to PSVR 2. Slash and blast your way through ranks of hoodlums in a high stakes chase through the atmospheric and meticulously recreated marketplaces, docks, alleys, and streets of Sewoon.

Set in an alternate Korea, you take the role of the deadliest assassin working for the Horangi chapter of the Tiger Clans. Ordered to steal a mysterious package from a rival chapter, you are shocked to find the object of the heist is, in fact, a tiger cub – thought extinct for a hundred years, the mythical creature is now desired by every gang in the city.

Tiger Blade is designed to be highly replayable, with a scoring and ranking system, online leaderboards, and speedrunning, and secondary objectives. The heart-pounding, non-stop action is further intensified thanks to haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and headset rumble. 

To complete the Korean influence that runs through Tiger Blade, the action will be played to the beat of original Korean Hip-Hop. If you enjoyed the music for the trailer – ‘Seat Belt’ by SINCE – then you’re going to love what’s in store!

Released in 2020, Star Shaman is our first game.

STAR SHAMAN is an active VR shooter with great looks and unique moves.

Travel through procedural solar systems to a funky French-touch soundtrack and battle hordes of enemies with a unique spellcasting system that will make you feel powerful. The Universe is counting on you, Shaman!

9 powerful weapons to unlock
A unique spell casting system made for VR
3 solar systems to revive
The funkiest soundtrack in VR
50+ unlockable feats
11 unique achievements
Built-in Timer for speedruns


Ikimasho means let’s go!

Our name is a tribute to the leap of faith we took starting our own Virtual Reality game studio in 2017. We almost named ourselves andiamo!

We believe great games are the sum of innumerable small and very diligently executed strokes of genius that coalesce into a coherent whole.

Located 100 meters away from the Louvre and right around the corner from Paris’s little Tokyo and Seoul, Ikimasho is formed by craftsmen who flourish in our culture and bolster it each in their own way, to ultimately make our collective mark in VR.

Who likes arcades?
Olivier and Yann, hard at work on a brainstorming day


Team players

Ikimasho’s founders met online a little over 10 years ago, when Olivier commented on Yann’s then-published Gamasutra article.

Leaving movie business aside, Olivier started producing more and more 360° films and immersive theater pieces, while Yann was enjoying success as game lead for gumi’s Brave Frontier.

The pair saw VR gaming as a fantastic opportunity to experiment top tier tech, awe players with unique designs and build a sustainable business.

Armed with a working prototype of what eventually turned into Star Shaman, they managed to get a team together, ship their first game to very good reviews and grow from there.

They are currently busy with their second and third game.


We love archetypes

The ultimate vision of VR is to go on an epic action adventure with your friends in a vast, persistent open-world and spend as much time socializing as playing.

We promise players to embody virtual characters that are larger than life, to match with these larger than life spaces.

Awards never hurt…
Everybody needs inspiration art


Talent density

Ikimasho’s strength is its people, and passing on strong candidates is the biggest mistake we could make.

Our job openings will appear on this page.

We welcome spontaneous applications (but can’t guarantee a response to each) at jobs[a]ikimasho.games.


You thrive in environments that provide you with a lot of autonomy and every opportunity to display your competence.


You are a generalist who is outstanding at a lot of valuable things and an expert in your particular domain.


You want to work with people who are relentlessly pushing themselves and others forward.


You debate with passion but when it’s time to make a decision, you respect ownership attribution.