We believe the role of play is to empower people in their daily lives.

We give tremendous ownership to our team, and our games put immense agency in the hands of our players.

We make VR games.

We are Ikimasho.

We are Ikimasho.

At the heart of our studio is the belief that the physicality of VR gaming heightens a player’s sense of achievement, by becoming more deft, powerful, or environmentally aware of the game worlds.

We start all our games on the promise that you’ll be someone else for real, having you move and influence the world in new ways only possible in VR.

This is why we focus on action games. We think that moving around, shooting, slashing, dashing, solving the occasional physics puzzler and following a story that leads you to explore new environments and make you progress, in solo or as a team, is where VR is going to shine best.

And that’s what we’re committed to deliver.